I'm Carla! Pictured with me is my pup, Fala. Fala spends his mornings sleeping next to my desk as I work. He's been known to occasionally pop up in video calls.

I am a video and multimedia professional. I love filming and interviewing, but I truly feel at home in the postproduction world. Crafting a story from hours of video interviews and B roll is my favorite part of the production process. I also enjoy designing and animating my own motion graphics and character animations to elevate my edits. I started pursuing animation while working with researchers to visualize their findings and connect with wider audiences. Currently, I work for a large child care company supporting brand, marketing, and social channels. 

My work has appeared in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, Science Friday, Smithsonian Magazine, The Verge, and more. I studied multimedia journalism at The University of Missouri’s School of Journalism in the USA. 

I live in Portland, Oregon. I love the Portland Thorns (women's soccer), kayaking, board games, making cocktails, and watching horror movies. 

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